SAPPHIRE launches TriXX OC tool for HD 6800 series

Written by Clive Webster

November 2, 2010 | 17:00

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SAPPHIRE launches TriXX OC tool for HD 6800 series

Free download for SSC members boosts HD 6800 performance

SAPPHIRE Technology has just introduced a new version of its overclocking tool, TriXX, developed to support the new HD 6800 series of graphics cards.

SAPPHIRE TriXX helps users to get the optimum performance from compatible SAPPHIRE graphics cards in any application by allowing them to monitor, tune and save different settings of key parameters for the card.

TriXX not only monitors basic parameters such as fan speed and GPU temperature but also GPU load, voltages and memory performance. Windows 7 and Vista users can use a Windows Gadget to continuously display key parameters.

Enthusiast users are able to adjust fan speeds, core voltages and clock speeds to tune performance to suit the application – for example maximizing performance by overclocking for gaming, or reducing operating speeds and fan noise when watching video. Four sets of parameters, known as ‘Profiles’ can be saved and named by the user, and recalled later, making it simple to switch between performance settings.

TriXX can also create a log file for future analysis, and the user can save the current VGA BIOS.

TriXX Version 3.0 (Beta) is available now to download for members of the SAPPHIRE Select Club. The SAPPHIRE Select Club (SSC) regularly offers its members the chance to download games, software and other utilities as well as the chance to enter prize contests for hardware.

Membership of the SSC is free – anyone can join as a Silver member anytime and enjoy great benefits simply by registering online. Owners of SAPPHIRE graphics cards can upgrade to Gold membership by entering the serial number of their SAPPHIRE graphics card (check online for eligibility) and this opens up even more opportunities to participate in prize giveaways.

Development of TriXX is ongoing, and SAPPHIRE will publish a compatibility table of current graphics products supported. The user will be also able to customise the appearance of the TriXX interface with different skins.

Future updates will allow TriXX to support new releases of graphics cards and GPU families as well as enhancements to the tool.

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