Raptr’s Most Played Games: October 2013

Written by Edward Chester

November 22, 2013 | 12:26

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Raptr has released its “Most Played Games of October 2013” charts, revealing October’s hottest games leading up to the holiday season and the best of the current-gen of consoles.

Grand Theft Auto V remains strong in the #1 spot for the second month in a row, accounting for 20% of all playtime among Raptr members and a whopping 45% share of Xbox 360 playtime. Meanwhile, a giant content update rocketed Terraria up the charts, while Path of Exile and Heartstone: Heroes of Warcraft make their first appearances in the PC top charts.

Additional October highlights include:
  • Terraria’s massive content update led to a 1,225% playtime increase over September, rocketing the title to the number 3 spot.
  • Popular browser game and personal shame to many, Cookie Clicker dropped a couple ranks in October, but playtime was down significantly at the end of the month compared to its height in late September and early October.
  • Battlefield 4 launched on October 29 in North America and yet still placed fairly well at the number 14 spot, and is on pace for a strong November.
  • Civilization V gameplay time was up 54% month on month, likely driven by the $5 Scrambled Continents map pack.

This month’s charts can be found on the Raptr blog.
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