OCZ Technology Showcases the Latest Groundbreaking Solutions at Computex 2008

Written by Harry Butler

June 4, 2008 | 15:08

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Taipei, Taiwan – June 3, 2008 - OCZ Technology Group, Inc., a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory, computer components, and systems, today unveiled its latest innovations to the global technology market at Computex (Hyatt Exhibition Suites 1101 & 1102). Providing worldwide computer communities with an ever-expanding lineup of the latest components, OCZ continues to enhance its tried and true product lines while further increasing its reach to new markets and consumers.

As an ongoing leader in highly advanced performance memory, OCZ unveils new top speed PC3-17000 Flex II memory modules developed for high-end overclocked water cooled systems. The live demo will showcase blazing speeds of 2133MHz+ while the memory remains extremely cool and stable with the integrated liquid injection system combined with the superior passive cooling of the Flex II heatsink design.

PC Power & Cooling continues to lead the industry by further innovating premium performance power supplies. The latest additions to the industrial-grade TurboCool Series offers the robust 860 edition now featuring the Enthusiast System Architecture (ESA), while the previous ESA-certified TurboCool 1200 will now feature the adjustable rail design first introduced earlier this year.

Undertaking exciting new endeavors in the flash memory market, OCZ is all about affordable, portable, and innovative style with its latest offerings. The super sleek and capless Spyder, the compact and durable Diesel, and the impenetrable and elegant Fortress USB drives offer mainstream and enthusiast users highly reliable and high-capacity flash storage. The Core Solid State Drive series is OCZ’s newest line of SSD’s and offers an optimal blend of performance and value.

Unveiling for the first time ever its new value-minded Alchemy line, OCZ will offer the mainstream gamer everything they need to play with the best without draining their wallets. The Alchemy line will encompass stylish keyboards, mice, and power supplies, and offers the first look at the Alchemy Elixir and Elixir II keyboards for the quality gaming features and performance at a price accessible to all.

OCZ will also be showing the world its exciting new DIY Notebook solutions, and offer a sneak peek at the next extreme performance solution that gamers can build themselves. A DIY demo will allow attendees to see just how easy it is to create a personalized system to suit your every need.

With its finger forever on the pulse of both the enthusiast and mainstream computer communities, the latest solutions from the OCZ Technology Group further enhance the company’s premium solution offerings for gamers, system builders, and overclocking enthusiasts.
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