Not Enough Space for Hard Disk? Space Saving Hard Disk Mounter

September 6, 2008 | 09:08

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Scythe Co., Ltd (Tokyo, Japan) announces the space saving Hard Disk mounter in 5.25” Bay, “Hard Disk Stabilizer x4”, to the market. Are you lacking of space to mount more Hard Disk into your PC case? This item makes it possible to mount up to 4 x Hard Disks into the space of 3 x 5.25inch bay! Not only the space saving feature, but also this item can provide an important job to prevent vibration transfer from your Hard Disk to the PC case. There is no need to explain in details, but just by looking at the product image, the item explains the features itself! At the same time, Scythe also offers the “Hard Disk Stabilizer 2” as the current product line-ups for preventing the vibration transfer as well as to mount the extra Hard Disk onto 5.25inch bay for a single Hard Disk mounting purposes. For this alternative product, please go to the product page directly at:

Hard Disk Stabilizer 2:

For further details of Hard Disk Stabilizer x4, please refer to the below descriptions.


Model Name:
Hard Disk Stabilizer x4

Model #:

Scythe Co., Ltd. Japan

15.5 mm x 20mm / 0.61in x 0.79in (Diameter x Length of Anti-Vibration Screw)

Standard 5.25” Bay

Steel & Rubber

Item Contains:
Anti-Vibration Screw & Mounting Plate


For further information & images regarding this product, please visit our website at:

HDD Stabilizer Product Page (English):
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