NEC Displays announces 3 new eco initiatives including a 5 year eco warranty for the public sector

Written by Tim Smalley

November 5, 2008 | 13:01

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London, 3rd November 2008: As the UK Government sets a new target for its central office estate to achieve carbon neutrality by 2012, NEC Display Solutions today unveils an eco initiative specifically geared to help public sector organisations achieve this. NEC’s display solutions already incorporate many of the features required in order to meet these new targets, but now, it has also announced further, unique measures including a built in ecomode, 5 year EcoWarranty, responsible recycling and network eco-administration.

NEC’s new EcoLogical LCD displays – including its E and EA series – are being offered with a free upgrade to a 5 year warranty when used in ecomode setting, an innovative feature which enables the LCD to operate at a maximum brightness of 60%, therefore reducing its carbon emissions. In addition to this green reward, NEC is operating a “one-for-one” product recycling strategy whereby it will responsibly dispose of an institution’s CRT displays – free of charge – for each NEC LCD it purchases (minimum 10 units at one time).

The savings which are made by operating NEC’s LCDs in ecomode can be viewed through NEC’s own NaViSet administrator software which is included with the displays. This means that from a single workstation, it is now possible for the network administrator to generate reports and so easily see the eco savings and LCD carbon footprint across all displays.

The Greening Government ICT Strategy paves the way for major changes in ecological IT policies in the public sector. Recommendations include moving from CRT to LCD display format, using smaller size screens and utilising network administrator set, reduced eco power modes, in a drive to help reach SOGE targets.

“Increasingly manufacturers are talking green, but too often this is about ‘corporate greenwash’ and not developing tangible eco plans with genuine benefits,” commented David Fuller, marketing director for NEC Display Solutions. “Our aim was to develop initiatives that would provide the public sector with genuine eco benefits which would help reduce costs and meet eco targets. NEC’s strategy is designed to reward customers for being more eco-friendly and take away some of the reporting burden by use of our powerful administration tools.”

Simon Jackson, managing director NEC Display Solutions added: “NEC was one of the first to introduce LCD technology and so for years we have successfully been moving organisations away from power hungry CRTs. Now, with this drive, we are going even further than any other display manufacturer. Our extended EcoWarranty has been designed specifically as a reward for public sector organisations for using their LCDs in the most eco-efficient way.”

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