Mushkin Announces the XP2-9200 Series Memory Modules

Written by Tim Smalley

March 8, 2007 | 17:12

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DENVER, CO (March 7, 2007) - Mushkin, a global leader in high-performance computer products, today released the XP2-9200 5-5-4 modules available in 2GB dual - channel kits and 1GB single DIMMs. Designed for the most demanding enthusiasts, the XP2-9200 is specified for operation at 1150MHz, 5-5-4-12 latencies. Each kit is tested beyond its rated specification to ensure the overclocking headroom and quality that Mushkin customers expect.

The XP2-9200, like all other Mushkin HP2 and XP2 memory products, features Enhanced Performance Profiles which simplify the overclocking process for both beginners and experts. With a total of three Enhanced Performance Profiles embedded within the Serial Presence Detect (SPD) information, users will experience ultimate flexibility and performance at various clock speeds.

These kits also include Mushkin’s innovative FrostByte™ heatspreader, which utilizes more surface area with highly conductive thermal transfer materials to achieve lower temperature operation, improved overclocking performance, and longer life.

“The recently-released high performance chipsets and motherboards have allowed us to develop this exciting memory product for overclocking enthusiasts,” said Brian Flood, Director of Mushkin Product Develprocess ensures that we attain the quality and performance to exceed our customers’ expectations. The XP2-9200 is an ideal waypoint on our path to providing the highest performing memory modules on the market.”

Widespread availability is expected in mid-March. The XP2-9200 will be available through the manufacturer direct web store and through authorized resellers and distributors.

About Mushkin
Mushkin, Inc., based in Denver, Colorado has been operating its enhanced memory and components e-commerce site since 1994. It was one of the first "boutique" computer e-stores on the web. Mushkin offers the fastest and most reliable memory available to consumers today. Recently, Mushkin added high performance Power Supply Units to its portfolio of products.

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