Ticket to Ride Map Collection Expansions featuring $10.000 Contest Winner's maps

Written by Joe Martin

August 30, 2011 | 11:39

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Today, we are happy to announce the two grand prize winners of our $10.000 Ticket to Ride Map Design contest and the 2 new Ticket to Ride Expansion to be soon published.

To celebrate the ever-growing Ticket to Ride player community and Days of Wonder's upcoming 10-year anniversary, Days of Wonder has recently organized a $10,000 Ticket to Ride Map Design Contest. 612 Ticket to Ride fans and aspiring game designers from 40 different countries submitted their own maps for a chance to win the $10,000 cash prize. Perhaps even more exciting was the possibility of seeing their design published by Days of Wonder.

A long evaluation process revealed two exceptional contest entries. As a result, we doubled the prize and selected two Grand Prize winners: François Valentyne from Toronto, Canada, with his map of Legendary Asia, and Ian Vincent from London, UK, whose map explores the Indian subcontinent.

Both volumes of the Ticket to Ride Map Collection will feature two different maps on a double-sided board :

- Volume 1 – Ticket to Ride Asia, will feature Alan R. Moon’s Team Asia for 4 or 6 players and the Legendary Asia map ushering 2-5 players through challenging Himalayan passes. Available at Essen Spiel'11 (October 20.) and worldwide late October / Early November.

- Volume 2 – Ticket to Ride India, will let 2 to 4 players compete over 'Grand Tour of India' bonuses and bring the 2 to 3 players Ticket to Ride Switzerland map back into print. Available worldwide late November / Early December.

These expansions require trains and train cards from Ticket to Ride or Ticket to Ride Europe. Suggested MSRP for each volume is €28.

For more information, visit www.ticket2ridegame.com/maps/
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