Bravo!! Team Thermaltake is the German Championship in the ESL Pro Series

June 24, 2010 | 10:06

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Bravo!! Team Thermaltake was the Final and Grand Final for the German Championship in the ESL Pro Series on June 12ed and 13rd in 2010. The ESL Pro Series is the highest league in Europe. Team Thermaltake played in the German league, ESL Pro Series Season 16 and the season takes half year. After 14 matches in this league, all online, then the first 4 ranked teams playing for the German championship on this event. Team Thermaltake is one of the first 4 ranked teams.

First Match was on June 12ed is in Cologne. Team Thermaltake played against mTw that is one of the best teams in Europe. The target of Team Thermaltake to stay in the first 6 was reached and now they have no pressure on this event. But what happened was amazing. The match was played on 3 maps.

First map was de_inferno and Team Thermaltake lost with 05:16. However, it was not a problem for them. In the next map, they came back with 16:12. The last map gave the way to grand final or to a match between 3rd and 4th place. Unbelievable, Team Thermaltake won with 16:14 and the way to play for the 1st place open for them.

It was incredible the visitors on this event, around 2500, clapping for us than for mTw. Every good action from Team Thermaltake, and the visitors were amazing.

June 13rd in the Morning – the Grand Final. Team Thermaltake’s Opponent, one of the best teams in Europe, was Alternate Attax. Firstly, the strategy of Team Thermaltake started on de_tuscan. Unfortunately, they lost this map with 05:16. Nevertheless, Team Thermaltake came back on the second map, de_inferno. They gave no chance to Alternate and won with 16:08. Now, it standed 1:1. The last map was the important match. On de_nuke, Team Thermaltake got first a draw with 15:15. For overtime on the same map, first round Team Thermaltake lost with 2:3, but last round 3:0 for them.

Splendidly, Team Thermaltake is now the German Champion in Counterstrike Source and one of the Top 10 Teams in Europe. Next, ESWC for Team Thermaltake female team and also the qualifier for the Multiplay i40 are coming up in the UK. Let’s enjoy challenge is the game. Cheers!!

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