Overclockers UK Exclusive: Overclockers TV, 8-Pack: Benchmarking Like A Boss

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July 11, 2013 | 11:47

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Overclockers UK Exclusive: Overclockers TV, 8-Pack: Benchmarking Like A Boss

Overclockers TV: 8-Pack the UK's number one overclocker and Overclockers UK employee gives an overview of benchmarking, what it is and how it benefits users, in a mini documentary,

Benchmarking like a boss. 8-Pack also gives an explanation into professional hardware
benchmarking through the use of liquid nitrogen (LN2) getting temperatures down to as cold
as -130oc which then the scores are submitted onto a world wide leader board. The video
features 8-Pack doing what he does best, demonstrating LN2 overclocking and
benchmarking trying to achieve world record scores. 8-Pack managed to hit 3 records during
the filming of the video. Overclockers UK have a wide range of gaming and extreme systems
which are built and overclocked by experts, these can be seen here:

View the video on Overclockers TV here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dg14R5wokc

About Overclockers UK
The well-known retailer Overclockers UK offers only the best in hardware components and systems. With a close relationship to all major brands in the industry, Overclockers UK manages to offer unique, finely tuned hardware-bundles along with immediate availability of the hottest components to its UK customers. With an extensive range of fully customisable systems, Overclockers UK are able to utilise their extensive know-how of the market and products, to create the fastest high performance systems geared toward the enthusiast user. Further information about Overclockers UK can be found here www.overclockers.co.uk
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