Ace Tennis 2010 Online from Eurocenter Smashes Into iPhone Court

Written by Joe Martin

July 1, 2010 | 09:57

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Ace Tennis 2010 Online from Eurocenter Smashes Into iPhone Court

The Most Realistic Tennis Game Now Available on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

France – June 25, 2010 – Games publisher Eurocenter announced today that its Ace Tennis 2010 Online is now available for the iPhone, iPod touch. The game was released on the iPad last month. Ace tennis 2010 Online is the first tennis game supporting the new iOS4 and iPhone4. It is also the most competitive and addictive "console quality" sports title. The game was designed with the avid tennis fan in mind and showcases the realism of the actual sport of tennis.

The game boasts HD graphics, tournaments, various court types, an advanced scoring system, and a single and online multiplayer gameplay. It also supports all tennis strategies, including Long Ball, Short Ball, Lob and Smash. Ace Tennis 2010 Online features three different court types (grass, sand, and indoor). As in the real-life game of tennis, each type of tennis court surface comes with its own characteristics, which can truly affect the playing style and feel of your game. As you become more familiar with Ace Tennis 2010 Online, you begin to master your shots, understand your opponents and anticipate how the ball will respond to each court surface.

A combination of touchscreen and accelerometer controls, gives both casual and pro gamers a fantastic experience right from the start. By tapping the screen you can control where your player runs on the court, but the swing is automatic with tilt influencing volley direction.

You can play Ace Tennis 2010 Online in single player mode against the AI or kick the competition up a notch and invite friends to enjoy the lively game online.

“Ace Tennis 2010 Online is a real treat for both tennis fans as well as sports game fans,” commented Stéphane Portha, of Eurocenter. “If you love tennis, you’ll love this game. Ace Tennis 2010 Online is sure to be a standard by which other iPhone and iPad tennis games will be judged.”

To see Ace Tenni 2010 Online in action, see the game play video here:

The game is available now at the App Store. You can download it from here <>

About Eurocenter:
Eurocenter is a French game developer founded 1989 with the goal to provide high quality online games. O’Reilly Radar has placed the developer on its impressive top 15 Most Efficient Apple iPhone™ Developers”. Previous titles by Eurocenter include Cocoto Kart Online, a fast online kart racing game, Adrenaline Golf Online, the first 3D game to use the new Apple iPhone™ 3GS graphic powers, DinoSmash Online, a 16 player online shooter game. GraalOnline Classic the first Retro MMO for iPhone and iPad. Eurocenter is planning to launch 15 new titles for iPhone and iPad in 2010.
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