DBT: Die-hard Burn-in Technology Now On DDR2 Gaming Series Memory

September 1, 2008 | 19:22

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Industrial Engineering on Every GeIL Memory

- DBT Enhanced DDR2 Gaming Series -
Following DDR2 So-Dimm, the second line of products to undergo DBT process will be DDR2 Gaming Series, which includes Black Dragon and BD EVO ONE. DBT enhanced Gaming Series will provide gamer of all levels superb stability, performance and reliability memory modules for their gaming systems. No more system-hang or “blue-screen-of-death” due to unstable memory!

GeIL will be announcing the following product lines that are scheduled to adopt DBT in the near future.

- GeIL, Setting the Benchmark -
The DBT will not only enhance the quality of the entire GeIL product lines, with its advanced production technological edge, it will also enable GeIL to produce a much wider range of memory products such as industrial or even the most demanding military specification.

GeIL believe with Die-hard Burn-in Technology, a new benchmark will be set for the DRAM industry.

GeIL has once again raised the bar on memory production technology by implementing Die-hard Burn-in Technology into its’ memory production.

- Overview -
The burn-in process is frequently conducted in electronic components as a form of reliability engineering. It is a process that stresses the components at elevated temperature and elevated voltage. The intention is to detect the early failure components to improve the overall product quality and user satisfaction.

In DRAM industry, the burn-in process has only been used in the most demanding and expensive Server Dimm or military specification memory.

- The DBT Difference -
However, the GeIL Die-hard Burn-in Technology changes all that. The DBT process is conducted in GeILs’ own designed burn-in chamber – DBT-1. Inside it, 1000 pieces of modules are slotted onto the own-designed module-interface and DRAM controller boards. The modules are then dynamically tested by own-designed testing software simultaneously. DBT-1 is able to elevate testing temperature up to 100 degrees Celsius with burn-in time of as long as 24 hours. GeIL Die-hard Burn-in Technology is an ingenious tool in memory manufacturing with great flexibility in testing functionalities. It eliminates early-failure memory and ultimately provides users with the highest quality memory products (see Figure 1.1).
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