Danamics ApS and Brunen IT cooperate to make high-end super computer solutions

Written by Clive Webster

July 6, 2010 | 11:32

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Danamics ApS and Brunen IT is now cooperating to make high-end super computer solutions

Danamics announced today that they started a cooperation with the highly respected German systembuilder Brunen IT (ONE and XMX). Brunen IT is widely known for its professionalism and incredible know-how towards all that’s computer-related. Brunen IT saw the potential in Liquid Metal cooling for the computers of today and especially for future computer solutions.

'Here at One and XMX, we are always looking for the ultimative performance for our gaming systems. It was a logical step for us to offer the new liquid metal cooling and get the latest technology to optimize the overclocking level of our high performance gaming systems tied with ultra silence electromagnetic pump technology“'
Declares Brunen IT.

PC-Cooling.de is another big German company that has done a great deal to spread the word about the new Liquid Metal cooling solutions. Danamics is proud to be among PC-Cooling’s favored coolers. PC-Cooling is currently the biggest distributor handling Danamics cooling series.

'Since it seems that the performance of the products of well-known premium brands based on heatpipe-technology can hardly be improved, the outstanding performance of the worldwide unique solution based on fluid-metal for cooling of pc-processors has impressed me at once. I am even expecting that we will see more powerful coolers developed by Danamics in the future. I am very happy that we found in Brunen-IT Service GmbH from Wittmund a renowned supplier who has noticed the high potential of this technology and who is integrating it in his pc-systems.'
Declares Hermann Schrepel, CEO of PC-Cooling GmbH.

Danamics is looking forward to a great and very profitable future with both Brunen IT and PC-Cooling.

'Here at Danamics we are very proud of being able to deliver a cooler that will revolutionize the standards of high-end coolers. We are especially happy to see the great reception our technology has gotten. It’s an honor to see such a big well-known company as Brunen IT taking the LMX cooling series into their product range. This ensures us even more, that liquid metal cooling is the future indeed'
Declares Dennis N. Jensen, CEO of Danamics ApS.
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