Cyberpower are officially cool. Water-Cool to be precise.

Written by Clive Webster

October 5, 2010 | 15:11

Companies: #cyberpower

Cyberpower are officially cool. Water-Cool to be precise.

To fit in with Cyberpower's global strategy Cyberpower UK is now offering all Desktop PC's with Water-cooled CPU's as standard. After Cyberpower's US headquarters trialed the strategy in early 2010 the UK site has announced they will pioneer the use of water-cooling as standard in the UK.

"With the technology so mature now Cyberpower UK are confident consumers will appreciate the extra time and effort to fit a high end cooler as standard" P. Lin. MD, Cyberpower UK.

With water-cooled systems starting at £255 inc VAT water-cooled PC's are no longer a commodity only high end users can afford. With additional VGA cooling available on selected systems, water-cooling will benefit both consumer and Cyberpower in reducing temperatures and noise within all desktop PC's allowing more efficient computing.

With Cyberpower offering overclocks as standard on numerous systems all Cyberpower PC's are ready to fulfill the potential with minimal fuss.

Water-cooling has always been associated with large expensive PC's, Cyberpower's Infinity Game Cube shows that the smallest of cases can be Water-cooled, and the 3.6GHZ Intel Core i5 760 shows the performance gain by clinching Custom PC's converted Premium Grade award and Trusted PC's Recommended Award.
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