Brand new gadgets from Griffin, to be revealed at Macworld

January 6, 2009 | 17:56

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Macworld, San Francisco: Griffin Technology, the leading creator of accessories for iPod and iPhone, today reveals three brand new products at Macworld, San Francisco. Apple fans will be keen to hear how the SmartTalk™ Bluetooth, Navigate™ and PowerBlock™ Reserve – which will touch down in the UK in 2009 – can make their favourite gadgets more enjoyable than ever, whether at home or on the move. Featuring the company’s inimitable design and usability, these latest additions to the Griffin line are perfect for the tech fan who appreciates style and simplicity – and they also represent a move into new product categories for this original brand.

The SmartTalk Bluetooth is the first mobile headset from Griffin and marks a move into new territories for 2009. The Navigate is also set to be a pioneering product for the company, with the FM radio function combined with Griffin’s new iPhone application, iFM, offering a truly unique proposition for its users. The PowerBlock Reserve demonstrates the company’s continued efforts to lead the power market, and to continue to strive for even better usability for Griffin’s popular products.

‘We’re really excited by what 2009 holds’ said Griffin Technology founder, Paul Griffin. ‘We are exploring completely new product categories, and are looking forward to making the Griffin range more diverse than ever. We know that the key to our success is innovation, and by entering these new territories we can continue to build on our reputation as a pioneer in the accessories market.’

The SmartTalk Bluetooth is a mobile headset that is designed to provide exceptional sound quality, and is the first Bluetooth headset from Griffin. SmartTalk Bluetooth uses STEP Labs’ unique STEPVoice™ technology to help eliminate external noise by comparing sound wave shapes and filtering out wind and background sound - as a result, your voice sounds clear and natural at the end of the line. The comfortable in-ear fit also works to isolate external noise making it easier to hear at your end too. An instant pairing feature makes set-up quick and easy, and human voice confirmations tell the user that the device is “Pairing,” “Powered On,” and other helpful functions.


· Industry-leading 30 dB to 50 dB signal-to-noise improvement

· STEPVoice acoustic technology and dual microphone from STEP Labs

· In-ear fit and sound isolation to guarantee audio clarity

· Instant pairing function

· Compatible with iPhone and all Bluetooth enabled phones

The Navigate is an easy to use remote control and radio function for your iPod or iPhone which allows you to tuck your iPod out of sight while keeping the controls close at hand. This matchbox-sized gadget has an information screen, play, power, sound levels and volume controls. But as well as all this, the Navigate features a built-in FM radio receiver. Navigate’s dock connector plugs into any iPod and iPhone model and is compatible with all 3.5mm stereo headphones. The unique iFM application will also let you make the most out of the radio, with features that include display details of the current song, artist and album you are listening to and a ‘purchase now’ function that allows you to instantly buy any track that you hear and enjoy.


· Compact remote control for iPhone or iPod

· Built in LCD screen displays information from your device

· Play, stop, pause, forward, backward and scan controls with distinctive tactile feedback

· FM stereo radio receiver

· Clip to attach Navigate to your belt or bag

· Compatible with Griffin’s iFM app

Enhancing the existing PowerBlock product (currently the world’s best selling AC charger) Griffin’s PowerBlock Reserve provides a backup battery charger and AC charger in one. When recharging your iPhone or iPod with the AC charger you are simultaneously powering up a removable battery pack for your device. This pack is held in its charging bay by a magnet until you are ready to use it – just take the battery pack with you when you are on the move and you’ll be able to get hours more out of your iPod’s play-time. The PowerBlock itself is compatible with all USB re-chargeable products making it perfect for travelling tech fans.


· The world’s most trusted AC charger

· Charges iPhone, iPod, MP3 player and all other USB chargeable devices

· Rechargeable battery pack snaps off magnetically

· Battery pack gives your iPhone up to two hours additional talk time

· Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and all 3rd and 4th Generation iPods

Other products announced at the show include:

PowerJolt Reserve

TuneBuds Fit

Charge Converter

SmartShare USB

TuneJuice for iPhone and iPod

TuneFlex AUX with SmartClick

iTrip Auto Universal Plus

iTrip for iPod nano

Elan Form Chrome for iPhone 3G

Noise Reducing Audio Cable

For more information about any of the above products please visit Dave Delaney at the Griffin booth, stand 1902 at Macworld. T: +01-615-957-4461 or contact the Griffin press office in the UK, details below.
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