BIOSTAR Sigma Gate V8603TS21, V8603GT21, V8502GT21-all DirectX10 Support

April 20, 2007 | 13:48

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Stop Craving And Start Playing With BIOSTAR Sigma Gate V8603TS21, V8603GT21, V8502GT21-all DirectX10 Support

April, 2007, Taipei, Taiwan
This is going to be another successful year for Biostar, which is launching a new bunch of VGA cards supporting new Microsoft OS Windows Vista. Besides, Microsoft also releases DirectX 10 that will bring end-users a few steps closer to photo-realism. To satisfy needs of both gamers community and early Windows Vista adopters, Biostar is launching Sigma Gate V8603TS21, V8603GT21 and V8502GT21.

BIOSTAR Sigma Gate V8603TS21, V8603GT21, V8502GT21 are based on NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600 and GeForce® 8500 GPUs. BIOSTAR V8603TS21 and V8603GT21 offer unparalleled levels of graphic realism and performance for Microsoft DirectX 9 and DirectX 10 games at different pricepoints. These cards also feature the groundbreaking 2nd generation PureVideo HD™ processor. On the other hand, BIOSTAR V8502GT21 offers stunning features of GeForce® 8 series at an incredibly attractive pricepoint. BIOSTAR V8502GT21 is superior at driving an optimum Microsoft Windows Vista experience that runs Vista features quickly and seamlessly, and allows you to enjoy Microsoft DirectX 9 and DirectX 10 applications too.

BIOSTAR Sigma Gate V8603TS21, V8603GT21 and V8502GT21 represent the complete line of reality-redefining NVIDIA® GeForce 8 Series Graphics VGA cards that are available today in multiple configurations and at multiple pricepoints. Whatever you are a hard core or casual gamer, a video enthusiast, or new Vista adopter, BIOSTAR V8603TS21 and V8502GT21 will perfectly fit your budget and requirements. Playing the latest ultra-realistic DirectX 10 games, watching Blu-ray or HD DVD movies using PureVideo HD™ technology with BIOSTAR V8603TS21 and V8502GT21 will drive your PC experience to unparalleled levels.

The Features and Benefits of V8603TS21, V8603GT21 and V8502GT21

NVIDIA® unified architecture
GigaThread™ Technology
DirectX® 10 Support
NVIDIA® Lumenex™ Engine
16x Anti-aliasing
128-bit floating point High Dynamic-Range (HDR)
NVIDIA® Quantum Effects™ Technology
NVIDIA® ForceWare® Unified Driver Architecture (UDA)
OpenGL® 2.0 Optimizations and Support
NVIDIA® nView® Multi-Display Technology
Built for Microsoft® Windows Vista™
NVIDIA® PureVideo™ Technology

Since its establishment in 1986, the BIOSTAR GROUP has become a major motherboard supplier to the PC industry in Taiwan. In order to pursue continuous growth, BIOSTAR has invested heavily in acquiring the physical and human resources to excel research and development. In every endeavor, BIOSTAR has sought to enhance product quality and expand its range of available products.

In addition to producing quality motherboards, BIOSTAR also carries out mini PC system - iDEQ series - the intelligent Desktop trends for the near future and IA product. A wider product range provides buyers with choices they want and need. With a constant emphasis on quality, BIOSTAR seeks to offer products with the highest price-performance ratio in the industry.

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