AVerMedia discloses its avant-garde products in PC-TV technology at Computex Taipei 2008

May 22, 2008 | 17:57

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Taipei, May 9th 2008: AVerMedia Technology Inc., a worldwide leading PC-TV Tuner Card manufacturer, will be proud to
present the accomplishments of its mobile, portable and digital home entertainment innovations in
PC-TV tuner cards at the upcoming Computex Taipei 2008.

The notion of digital home entertainment has ripened into the trend of PC-TV technology. AVerMedia’s
latest PC-TV tuner cards, ideally designed for both portable and home entertainment with its new
feature design, software innovation and Microsoft Media Center platform, will be the spotlights at
Computex Taipei booth. This year the highlights will mainly include: innovative software applications,
USB Pen-Drive solutions, DMB-TH solutions, ExpressCard interface, advanced TV Box series with
high resolution and DVI input/output support, and PC-TV products with PCI and PCI Express interfaces
to show the PC-TV entertainment achievements of AVerMedia. Furthermore, as the “Vista wave” has
swept across the PC-TV entertainment industry, AVerMedia also presents exclusive Vista Media center
plug-in solutions to fulfill customers’ demands for digital home entertainment.

AVer MediaCenter and AVerTV 6:
AVerMedia’s latest innovative software programs, AVer MediaCenter and AVerTV 6, invigorate the
multimedia culture by developing the user-friendly and economically affordable entertainment solution,
allowing users to fully enjoy all-inclusive multimedia selections in a more convenient and comfortable
way. AVer MediaCenter and AVerTV 6 take PC-TV software to a new level and offer user a more
friendly and flexible choices for 2-foot and 10-foot UI adapting to the new digital home lifestyle. By
supporting high definition TV viewing, the innovative software programs offer users to watch and
record HDTV programs with H.264 and MPEG-2 formats. Furthermore, the advanced compression
technology up to 320×240 resolution enables users to save and playback video on an iPod. With
HDTV and high resolution video support, AVer MediaCenter and AVerTV 6 certainly enrich user’s
PC-TV entertainment more vivid and colourful.

Complete Vista Media Center Solution:
As a valuable partner of Microsoft, AVerMedia plays an important role in your digital home
entertainment. We offer the most complete range of TV tuner cards with 32/64 bit drivers to support
both Vista and Vista Media Center operating systems, and continuously unveil the avant-garde
solutions with different interfaces and TV systems to optimize your Notebook and Desktop computers.
Beyond that, AVerMedia not only delivers distinguished performance, quality and reliability to fully
support this state-of-the-art operating system but also offers a value-added package of plug-in and
software encoder solutions to enrich users’ experience on digital home entertainment.

AVerTV Duo Hybrid PCI-E II (A188)
Plentiful features of AVerTV Duo Hybrid PCI-E II are aimed to cater to consumers’ recreational needs
with fantastic dual TV tuners. Users can easily watch one TV program while recording additional Live
sports or any other TV channels they like without worries about missing any decisive moment!
Additionally, the Remote on function allows users to turn on their PC by remote control and let TV
viewing experience more convenient. With AVerTV Duo Hybrid PCI-E II, users can not only enjoy
worldwide analog TV (PAL/SECAM/NTSC), digital TV, and FM radio broadcasting programs but also
get pleasure from its specially design of Vista MCE AV plug-in for professional game console and video
camcorder. With dual tuner, the AVerTV Duo Hybrid PCI-E II doubles user’s entertainment.

The Cutting-edge AVerTV Speedy PCI-E Series (H788)
With the launch of AVer MediaCenter providing a vividly sonorous sensational satisfaction to worldwide
customers, AVerMedia has further achieved promoting the latest PCI Express solution to upgrade
users’ TV watching experience: AVerTV Speedy PCI-E series. Thanks for the latest AVerMedia
software programs which highlight the attractiveness of this product to be capable of supporting HDTV
Live TV viewing in H.264 and MPEG-2 formats, the AVerTV Speedy PCI-E series leads you into a
pleasant TV viewing world. By specializing in Microsoft Vista Media Center, AVerMedia has licensed
the best software encoder solution from the market, which allows AVerTV Speedy PCI-E series to be
capable of supporting “My TV” on Windows XP and Vista platforms and provides a luxurious but
affordable feast for user’s PC-TV entertainment! Furthermore, the exclusive Vista MCE Video Gaming
Plug-in and Video Quality Enhancement Plug-in can synchronize the video and audio of video games
on Vista MCE and adjust the bright/contrast/saturation of the video quality, allowing users to build up a
Home Theater PC with more versatile entertainment.

Portable Solutions:
AVerMedia is devoted to simplifying the path for customers who are eager to add PC-TV portability to
their lives. Here, AVerMedia present its latest portable PC-TV innovations with Pen-Drive and
ExpressCard interfaces targeting modern Notebook computer users to experience the best portable
PC-TV entertainment.

AVerTV Hybrid NanoExpress (HC82)
AVerTV Hybrid NanoExpress, the compact ExpressCard TV tuner with the ability to receive DVB-T,
Analog TV or FM Radio on any Windows XP or Vista laptop. Without the "lump" of general
ExpressCard, AVerTV Hybrid NanoExpress can be inserted into a laptop totally, preventing from
interfere the use of adjacent USB ports. It also goes with a foldable High-Gain Antenna designed
specially for a laptop. Its Windows Vista Premium Certified driver and software encoder also make it an
ultimate match for Media Center platform. Users can enjoy either DVB-T or Analog TV content under
"My TV" of XP MCE and Vista Media Center. In addition, the "invisible" AVerTV Hybrid NanoExpress
can play as a bridge between laptop and various AV devices such as PlayStation, Xbox 360 or
camcorder via its unique dongle. In the ultra-slim shape, AVerTV Hybrid NanoExpress enables
travelers to have marvelous entertainment anywhere they go.

AVerTV Duo DVB-T (A825)
DVB-T has been adopted as the most primary digital TV system in the world. Its mobile reception
feature also benefits lots of travelers. However, its signal may be influenced by the distance from TV
stations. Our latest dual DVB-T USB stick equips diversity mode to boost the signal reception with its
built-in antenna and an external antenna. It can efficiently prevent users from struggling with the weak
DVB-T signal. The built-in antenna also improves portability of a TV tuner stick. Even better, the TV
mania would love its dual TV tuner design allowing watching and recording two live TV programs

AVerTV DVB-T Volar M (A815 Mac)
The most advanced combination with Mac Laptop proves the whole-new TV watching expenditure
AVerMedia delivers! (Also support Windows OS) With size at mere 7 cm x 2.5 cm x 1.1 cm, and with
weight at just 17.5 gram, the AVerTV DVB-T Volar M is by far the smallest and the lightest USB DVB-T
stick. The AVerTV DVB-T Volar M also compliant with the strict RF sensitivity requirement of NorDig
(www.nordig.org) Unified Standards, which mandates, among many things, strict RF sensitivity
performance requirements for DVB-T reception tuner devices. Along with the bundled aesthetic
Hi-Gain TV antenna, you will be carried away the fun to watch TV on the go! Furthermore, via
compatible with the Apple Remote, you can navigate through all the cool stuff AVerTV DVB-T Volar M
includes with such a perfect match!

AVerTV DMB850 Plus (A850)
AVerTV DMB850 Plus adopts the stylish cylinder casing to soften the icy impressions among a pool of
USB sticker in the marketplace. In addition, it’s embedded blue LCD light allows users to clearly know
the status of signal receiving capability. No matter you are a frequent business traveler to China and
KH or TV fans, AVerTV DMB850 Plus is your perfect multimedia gadget. By supporting multiple digital
TV singles (DMB-TH / DVB-T), users can freely switch the single source and simply enjoy digital TV
programs in HK, China, and other foreign countries with DMB-TH or DVB-T broadcasting signal.
AVerTV DMB850 Plus with the superior mobile receiving capability provides you a luxurious but
affordable feast to watch live digital TV programs.

AVerTV Volar GPS 805 (A805)
It might be impossible to decide the geographical distance in trips, but it could be possible to shorten
the psychological distance by portable multimedia entertainment. In order to keep the insistence on
serving the best digital entertainment to users, AVerMedia develops the best travel companion, AVerTV
Volar GPS 805, for users fond of traveling around. As the best travel companion, AVerTV Volar GPS
805, with GPS application software (ex. Microsoft TM Street & Trips and AutoRoute) and AVerTV 6 can
perform not only navigation, route tracking, path points logging, and adding geographic coordinates to
pictures (Geo Tagging) but also digital TV. The built-in GPS patch antenna on AVerTV Volar GPS 805
takes less than 45 seconds to first fix, around 1 second to hot start and to re-fix the right direction, and
about 35 seconds for warm start. All accessories and application software are included in the complete
package, so users can have complete GPS and DVB-T entertainment in mobile without additional

DVB-S Series:
AVerMedia unveils the latest DVB-S series with both PCI and PCI-E interfaces, specially designed for
receiving and transmitting DVB via satellite to access most worldwide digital satellite TV channels
beyond geographic boundary on a PC with sharp picture quality. Coming with the Common Interface
(CI) reader as an optional package, the AVerMedia DVB-S series is your cost-effective choice to not
only enrich your digital life but also provide you with first-hand information to watch more TV/FM

AVerTV DVB-S Pro II and AVerTV DVB-S Hybrid+FM II (A706)
Following the worldwide applause on AVerMedia DVB-S PCI series, AVerMedia further presents
DVB-S PCI TV tuner cards with upgraded features. Aside from the purely DVB-S feature of AVerTV
DVB-S Pro II, the "AVerTV DVB-S Hybrid+FM II" allows you to access free-to-air digital satellite TV,
analog TV and FM radio broadcasting with stereo sound support on your PC. The propriety software
application provides Blind-Scan to manually overcome the geographic limitation of the default channel
frequency so that users can search more complete TV channels. Additionally, the “satellite Internet
Access” service offers you to enjoy the fun of surfing on web at high download speed on your desktop
PC. (Windows XP System only)

AVerTV DVB-S Trinity (A707)
“AVerTV DVB-S Trinity” is the most complete DVB-S PCI-E tuner card with common interface support,
providing you to access free-to-air digital satellite TV, DVB-T, and analog TV and FM radio with stereo
sound support on your PC. To further fulfill worldwide customers, this device comes with the common
interface (CI) function; users can use a SmartCard and CAM with this product to watch Pay-TV
channels in DVB-S mode without any hassles. It bundles the latest AVer MediaCenter, which supports
up to 1080i high definition DVB-S / DVB-T programs with H.264 or MPEG-2 formats. Furthermore, its
dual-mode function allows you to watch or record DVB-S and analog TV (or DVB-T) at the same time.

Supremely Professional High- Definition TV Box Series:
AVerMedia is introducing the new generation of HD (High-Definition, 1080i) TV BOX series, AVerTV
DVI Box 1080i and AVerTV Hybrid STB 1080i. It is aiming toward professional grade video processor
for TV/Video viewing and especially suit for professional game consoles and video camcorders. The
AVerMedia HD TV BOX series has the highest resolution (1920x1200) among current TV boxes and
makes LCD monitor to be HDTV via the DVI interface. Moreover, the component (YPbPr, 1080i) input
on AVerTV HD TV BOX series also allows you to enjoy high quality picture. Plug and play any of
professional game consoles or video camcorders; AVerMedia HD TV BOX series enables you to enjoy
entertainment with distinct visual quality.

Via continuous endeavors on research and development of multimedia innovations to deliver
worldwide customers the most premium PC-TV tuner cards, AVerMedia has proven its success on
enriching customers’ multimedia entertainment. With most efforts put into innovative research and
development, “Dedicated to a pioneer in the multimedia industry, we strive to provide a TV tuner card
with thrillingly value-added functions while transform your life of entertainment into a world of ultimately
perceptive satisfaction.” says Dr. Allan Yang, COO of AVerMedia Technologies, Inc.

Striving to be the market leader of both PC-TV tuners and handheld TV tuners, AVerMedia not only
shows its advanced technologies in this field but also proves to be ahead of other competitors. Besides
the products highlighted above, more star products of tomorrow such as AVerMedia’s Vista solutions, a
wide range of Hybrid series, and ExpressCard series are awaiting your discovery. Welcome to visit
Nangang Exhibition Hall, 4F, Booth L102 at Computex Taipei 2008 for more details of AVerMedia’s
uppermost PC-TV products and innovative PC-TV solutions for 2008.

* NorDig is a cooperative organization consisting of Nordic television and telecom companies that declares that transmission and
reception with a series of unified specifications of digital TV in the NorDig joint countries should be introduced in an open,
standardized market with horizontal competition.
** Microsoft, MCE, Vista, ExpressCard, NorDig, and all other trademarks mentioned above are the properties of their
respective companies

About AVerMedia Technologies, Inc.
AVerMedia (www.avermedia.com) is the technology leader in Digital Multimedia Video Convergence
Technologies. Aside from its full line of TV Tuners/ Personal Video Recorder products, AVerMedia
provides Document Cameras, Digital Video Maker, TV Photo Viewer and PC-to-TV Converters for
consumer and corporate/ educational markets. AVerMedia also partners with PC ODM’s for the
development of AVerMedia’s technologies for integration applications.
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