Poll: Your preferred music format?

August 21, 2007 | 15:07

Tags: #aac #compression #flac #ipod #itunes #mp3 #music #poll #wma

Many people claim MP3s are killing music with their poor compression standards (MP3s, not people), but the problem is that it's still the most compatible storage available.

If you're an iRiver fanboy then good old OGG might be your friend, or iTunes can mean AAC. Others many prefer to shun digital distribution and storage altogether and stick with good old CD or Vinyl - it's not very portable but far better quality than anything digital unless you insist on being lossless like with Apple or FLAC?

You could be real old school and still use good old Chrome Oxide tape or even still listen to the sounds of Atari in MIDI?

We have had a poll running in the forums for a couple of days now and there are already some interesting results. Don't let that put you off adding your vote though, so what are you waiting for?! Get into the forums and vote!
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