Windows 7 build leaked?

January 23, 2008 | 07:33

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The latest build of the next version of Windows, currently labouring under the awkward title of Windows 7 Milestone 1 Build 6.1.6519.1, seems to be available for select people to trial if a post to Neowin's forums is to be believed.

A member going by the handle kenipnet posted a message detailing his experiences with this newest build of the next-gen OS to the Windows Beta Discussion section of Neowin's forums. The user started with the rather unpromising revelation that a he had to supply a SATA driver before the installer would continue, but perhaps that's to be expected on such an early release – drivers are unlikely to be bundled much before the RC stage.

After getting the install to run on his laptop, the poster then ran into problems with no driver for his graphics card – so no Aero Version 2 to stare at. Nevertheless, he was able to declare the GUI as being “very much like Vista” but with the gadget sidebar being ditched in favour of direct integration into the Explorer shell. He also describes a new gadget that plugs into Windows Media Center and “displays now playing information from the WMC.

Support for XAML fonts has made it into Windows 7, it would seem, although under the heading “Composite Fonts”. A feedback tool included in the build claims that Microsoft is looking to “fine tune this release” with the changes from Vista being compared as similar to the changes from Windows 2000 to Windows XP. The tool also highlights some of the fascinating new features, including improved tools for connecting to networks, a Live Account which carries your IE settings and favourites over to other computers and, best of all, improved versions of Calc, Paint, and Wordpad.

Strangely, the post was deleted by kenipnet after going to all the effort of trialling the software: thankfully, a cached version lives on courtesy of another forum member.

Anyone out there know anything about this build, or even has a copy that they're trying out? Or do you think it's all just lies and bluffs? Give us a shout over in the forums.
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