Wildman Kickstarter cancelled

Written by David Hing

February 12, 2013 | 08:00

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Gas Powered Games has cancelled its Wildman Kickstarter project.

The Supreme Commander developer stated that it was going to focus on keeping the studio running as opposed to putting any more resources into the proposed title. At its close, the project had met just under half of its $1.1m goal with only three days left on the clock.

'We are profoundly grateful to those of you who backed this project and Gas Powered Games,' reads an update on the Kickstarter project page. 'At this point, it makes sense for us to focus our attention on other ways to keep Gas Powered Games running.'

The studio has not shared specific details on what this will entail.

Studio chief executive Chris Taylor had previously said that he was taking a make-or-break risk with the Wildman crowd funding project. Shortly after the project was announced, the studio had to let go of approximately 40 employees.

The ambitious Wildman was set to be an RPG RTS hybrid. Although Taylor told Rock Paper Shotgun that at least one publisher was interested in helping the game out with extra funds, this was only on the proviso that it hit its Kickstarter goal. With this in mind, it is not necessarily the end of the road for the game or the studio.

Founded in 1998, Gas Powered Games is the home of several former Cavedog Entertainment developers. Cavedog made a name for itself through the iconic RTS Total Annihilation, released in 1997.
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