Wii Zapper dated and priced

Written by Phil Cogar

September 11, 2007 | 09:31

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I have many fond memories of killing ducks and bad guys back in my early childhood. The flash as I pulled the trigger and watched those vile ducks fall lifelessly from the sky, the click of the trigger, and that damn dog laughing like a madman when I missed with my two shots. Of course I'm talking about using the Zapper lightgun on my NES.

In November, I'll be one step closer to reliving those fond childhood memories and so will you as Nintendo has confirmed that it will be shipping the Zapper attachment for the Wii on the 19th.

Priced at $19.95 in the US, the Zapper will come with a game. Link's Crossbow Training will use the visual styling of Twilight Princess and have the player progress from stationary targets to attacking enemies all while improving Link's marksmanship.

Upcoming games that will support the Zapper include Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicals, Ghost Squad, and Medal of Honor Heroes 2. No word yet as to when we'll see an update to Duck Hunt but hopefully you'll be able to shoot that damn dog this time.

Is anyone else as excited as what I am about the Zapper or do you think it costs too much for a simple piece of plastic? Discuss it with us over in the forums.
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