Rumourville: Video iPods Soon?

Written by Jason Cundall

July 19, 2005 | 11:29

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The rumours have been around for ages. Video iPods. And of course, all these rumours have been quashed - in the past.

Even though Steveo has always said that their wouldn't be one, as there is no direct equivalent of earphones for the eyes (his argument being 'who'd want to watch a movie on a screen that small'), the most recent set of rumours seem to be gaining weight. So much weight that the Wall Street Journal is commenting on them - And remember what the last Apple rumour was that the WSJ reported on...

Lets look at what's fuelling these rumours. For one thing, the last update to iTunes has introduced video downloads, and the iTMS has been offering short music videos. And Apple's new best buddy, Intel has just invested in the ClickStar movie download site - things that a lot of analysts say point to an iTunes like iMovie video store. Insiders are saying that Intel may also have a hand in the speculated vPod hardware, as it's entirely possible that it's Xscale processors would be doing the grunt work in the device. Similar sources report that hardware may be available from September.

Above and beyond these is Bill G's latest vow not to play the victim of any possible “Son of iPod.” Being as he's the Chairman of the largest computer software company in the world, he's bound to have his ear to the ground. Is he running scared again?

Many people may take Jobs at his previous words on the subject and scoff at the thought of a video iPod. But Steveo has said a lot of things in the past, and these same people scoffed at the idea of Apple ditching Big Blue in favour of Chipzilla - but it happened.

So - are the rumours true? If so, what would you like to see in a vPod? Let us know in the news discussion forum here.
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