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June 17, 2009 | 17:58

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Not content with racing up the market share charts with its open-source web browser, the Mozilla Foundation is looking to improve peoples' lot in life with the Mozilla Service Week.

The week – which is scheduled to take place starting on September 14th – looks for people to “step up and make a difference by using the Web to better their community.

As described on the Mozilla Blog, the aim of the week is to encourage technologically-minded individuals to use their powers for good, helping out charities, non-profits, and people who just need a bit of a helping hand.

As befits a technology company, the Foundation's aims are nicely nerdy: examples given include the wonderfully patronising “teach senior citizens how to use the Web,” along with the more laudable “install a wireless network at a school, create Web how-to materials for a library's computer cluster, refurbish hardware for a local computer centre, [and] help a non-profit update its website or database.

Mark Surman, executive director of the Foundation, said that it was “inviting people to get involved with Mozilla in an active way, even if they can't code, test or localise. It lets anyone and everyone feel like they are contributing to the cause of building a better internet.

While the week is a while away yet, the site is already live and looking for volunteers. Although similar in its aims to the UK-oriented IT4Communities technological volunteering service, the Service Week is open to anyone with even a hint of web-related skill – and will be launching worldwide and in a variety of languages as we head towards September.

Can you think of a worthwhile project you'd like to donate your time to for Mozilla Service Week, or is the Foundation just looking for mugs to improve its public image free of charge? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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