New Vista and Office have Ultimate pricepoint

Written by Wil Harris

May 30, 2006 | 16:38

Tags: #office #price #ultimate #vista

Windows Vista and Office 2007 have both got 'Ultimate' versions being released - and it seems that the price for the pair could cost more than your PC itself.

Vista Ultimate includes all the features that enthusiasts like us are interested in - gorgeous graphical effects, Media Center functionality, pro networking features. The latest rumours, pointed out by ITWire, put Vista Ultimate at $450.

The new version of Microsoft Office makes a number of improvements to the interface, bringing much-used features to the front and implementing a new 'ribbon' instead of menu items and toolbar links. Including MS' collaborative software, it will cost $679.

Put together, that means more than $1000 just for two pieces of software to sit on your machine. Hardly deterring the pirates, are they?

A few weeks ago, we investigated free alternatives to software piracy. With prices like the ones Microsoft are asking, could now be the time to switch to open source?

Let us know your thoughts on MS' pricing over in the forums.
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