Sci-fi reboot Masters of Orion releases first look video

Written by Jake Tucker

October 6, 2015 | 14:36

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Wargaming's revival of classic turn-based strategy series Master of Orion has released a first look video offering a look at some of the game's races and mechanics.

After more than a decade of being dormant, the series is returning with a reboot courtesy of World of Tanks developer Wargaming, who purchased the license during a 2013 Atari bankruptcy auction.

While Wargaming original made their name by publishing science fiction strategy game Massive Assault, this reboot is being handled by Argentinian studio NGD studios in cooperation with key members of the original team.

The game will stick close to its 4x roots, and while numerous gameplay improvements have been promised, the core ideals of explore, expand, exploit and exterminate will still be in effect. You'll also have to manage morale, pollution, research and presumably intergalactic war, too.

It's hard to make any more comments, because the video isn't showing a whole lot. They've got some great voice actors on board and the graphics look decent, but this news broadcast doesn't show much of the game around them. It's a first look, so this sort of thing is okay, but the next trailer needs to be a better job of showing what's under the hood if it wants to keep players interested.

Watch the trailer below to try and discern a little information for yourself.

It remains to be seen how Master of Orion is going to stand out from the other space 4X's available, but we'll surely see more about the game as it rumbles towards release.

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