Titanfall will have 15 maps, 33 weapons and splitscreen

Written by Edward Chester

February 17, 2014 | 12:57

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The full release of Titanfall will feature 15 maps and 33 weapons according to data mined from the beta release.

A NeoGAF user used a hex decoder to interrogate the code included in the PC version of the Titanfall beta release, pulling out the names of new maps and weapons. Other users have since added to the post with introductory pictures of the maps and some artistic screenshots from them too.

There are also reports that the game will feature a splitscreen mode, though this contradicts what developer Respawn Entertainment has previously said so we're a little more sceptical on that one.

The wealth of extra content will go some way to reassuring users, such as ourselves, that the full game will at least have the quantity of content to justify a full AAA-game asking price, even if we cant yet vouch for the quality of the content.

The full list of maps is Angel City, Colony, Fracture, Relic, Airbase, Boneyard, Corporate, Outpost 207, Lagoon, Rise, Smugglers Cove, Overlook, Nexus, O2 and Training Ground. Angel City, Fracture and Training Ground are included in the beta, leaving 12 other new maps to explore. Obvious potential highlights include Corporate, which includes a large skyscraper, Boneyard, which has masses of rock formations, and Smugglers Cove which appears to centre around a large wall, which could be great fun for wall-running.

As for weapons, the list is rather longer and less easy to read so we've reproduced it in list form below. Here the most intriguing additions are what appears to be a Titan sniper rifle and a Sentry Turret for Pilots.

Also revealed are the full list of game modes and a list of the perks available for Titans and Pilots, all of which are listed at the end.

The Titanfall beta opened over the weekend on both PC and Xbox One. After an initial limited release the Xbox One version was made available to anyone, suggesting the game is so far proving more stable than one of its likely big rivals (even though they're both published by EA), Battlefield 4, whose launch has been plagued with issues.

The beta will be closing on 19th February.

  • angel city
  • colony
  • fracture
  • relic
  • airbase
  • boneyard
  • corporate
  • outpost 207
  • lagoon
  • rise
  • smugglers cove
  • overlook
  • nexus
  • o2
  • training ground

  • p2011
  • p2011sp
  • p2011_auto
  • w1128
  • r97
  • b3wing
  • rspn101_carbine
  • m1a1_hemlok
  • lmg_hemlok
  • g2a4
  • car101
  • rspn101
  • at_rifle
  • rspn101_dmr
  • SMR
  • satchel_charge
  • data_knife
  • titan_vortex_blocker
  • xotbr16
  • thr_40mm
  • caber_shot
  • proximity_detonator
  • frag_grenade
  • defender_charge
  • shoulder_rocket
  • sentry_turret
  • auto_rocket_launcher
  • titan_triple_threat
  • titan_sniper_rifle
  • titan_rocket_pod
  • titan_arc_rifle
  • titan_sniper_rifle
  • titan_shotgun

Game Modes:
  • AT - Attrition?
  • TDM - Team Deathmatch?
  • CTF - Capture the Flag?
  • LTS - Last Titan Standing?
  • HP- Hardpoint Capture?
  • VM - Variety Mode (a mix of all the other modes listed, sans campaign)
  • Campaign Multiplayer

  • auto_eject - Auto Eject
  • build_up_nuclear_core - Nuclear Ejection
  • dash_recharge
  • dead_mans_trigger
  • defensive_core
  • doomed_time - Survivor
  • enhanced_titan_ai
  • fast_reload - Fast Autoloader
  • hyper_core
  • icepick
  • longer_bubble - Dome Shield Battery
  • marathon_core
  • minimap_ai - Minion Detector
  • ordnance_pack - Explosive Pack
  • power_cell - Power Cell
  • run_and_gun
  • shield_regen - Regen Booster
  • stealth_movement
  • titan_punch
  • turbo_drop - Warpfall Transmitter
  • wall_runner - Enhanced Parkour kit

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