WireDream claims audio boost with silver SATA cable

March 26, 2012 | 11:19

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Audiophiles have long claimed that expensive cables constructed from oxygen-free copper, gold or even more esoteric materials can have a serious impact on sound quality - but now a Korean company is making the same claims for SATA data cables.

Korean company WireDream has announced the release of its WD-SATA-INDRA cables, now available for sale in Japan via local company Zionote. The key feature of the WireDream cables is its use of wires made from 97 per cent sterling silver and 3 per cent pure gold.

WireDream goes beyond mere materials, however: the cables are constructed using a high-temperature treatment for several hours followed by low-temperature processing for a hundred hours, before being 'aged' so the cables are 'broken in' by the time they are shipped. The result: 100 per cent ability to make some truly questionable claims.

The SATA cables are designed, as all SATA cables are, to sit between a storage device and the motherboard of a PC in order to transfer a digital signal. This signal, containing the zeros and ones which make up the stored data, either gets to its destination intact or it doesn't. WireDream claims, however, that use of its SATA cables results in a detectable improvement to audio quality.

We'll repeat that again: switching SATA cables to WireDream's silver-and-gold model is claimed to boost audio quality. According to importer Zionote: 'While every effort has been made with various field tests, we decided to sell [the cables] because the effect of improving the sound quality was observed. Sound quality will become like smooth analogue sound, while a sense of stage depth is widened. The sound of vocals and stringed instruments in particular should be easy to understand.'

Neither WireDream nor Zionote are willing to provide an indication of how the cable affects the quality of digital audio files transferred between the storage device and the host PC. The companies are also silent on whether the cable works for other file types: are images given a deeper colour gamut, games more weapons or databases more detail?

Zionote has confirmed it will be selling the cables for ¥24,800 (around £190 excluding taxes) in 40cm length, with 50cm and 60cm versions made to order. If you're interested, OlioSpec has the cables available for mail order - and we have a bridge in Brooklyn in which you may be interested...
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