ViewSonic's VLED221wm has 12000:1 contrast ratio

Written by Tim Smalley

January 10, 2008 | 22:52

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ViewSonic has announced its latest LCD monitor, which features all new RGB LED backlighting technology and the result is a claimed dynamic contrast ratio of 12,000:1.

During our chat with the company’s representatives, we were told that ViewSonic is focusing a lot of its efforts this year on colour quality – that’s music to our ears. Thanks to ViewSonic’s new OptiColor technology, the VLED221wm features a 118 percent NTSC colour gamut.

Like most 22 inch displays, ViewSonic’s soon-to-be-released LED-backlit display has a 1680x1050 resolution and this particular display boasts a 5ms response time. What was interesting though was the fact that ViewSonic is using a TN panel in the VLED221wm, which makes the display’s colour reproduction all the more impressive. Even though the display uses LED backlighting, this generation doesn’t use local dimming technology but ViewSonic said that it’s something it is currently researching.

In terms of connectivity, the display features dual analogue and digital connectors, along with integrated stereo speakers – though, going on every monitor we’ve seen with integrated speakers, don’t expect them to be any good. Sadly, one thing that lets the display down is the fact that there is no height adjustment – that’s something we would have liked to see on this display, but unfortunately it appears to only be limited to ViewSonic’s professional monitors.

ViewSonic says the VLED221wm will be available sometime in February at an estimated street price of £499 (inc. VAT). Yes, that’s expensive for a 22 inch widescreen monitor, but don’t forget that this is using LED backlighting technology and compared to other LED-backlit displays we’ve seen, that’s a pretty good price. And looking at the display first hand, the colour quality certainly seemed to live up to ViewSonic’s claims as the colours were vibrant and clear on the source material used for the demonstration.

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