VIA launches its C7 processor

Written by Tim Smalley

May 27, 2005 | 14:01

Tags: #90nm #ss3 #x86

Companies: #amd #ibm #intel #via

Silicon Chip manufacturer VIA has today announced that it has started manufacturing the new VIA C7 processor family, which is based on the 'Esther' core. It is dubbed the World's smallest and lowest power x86 processor.

It is to be manufactured on IBM's 90nm Silicon-on-Insulator FAB technology and will have a mere 30mm square die size - tiny compared to either AMD or Intel's current 90nm products that are 84mm squared and 109mm squared respectively. With this tiny die size, VIA claim that the C7 will idle at around 0.1W power consumption and at 2.0GHz will operate at about 20W peak power consumption.

While we don't expect this processor to topple either AMD or Intel in the gaming arena, VIA may gain some market share in machines that are targeted at low power consumption coupled with low heat dissipation. VIA are targeting the processor at Thin & Light notebooks, mini PCs and personal electronics devices, such as media centre PCs and PVRs.

The processor will initially be launched at speeds of up to 2.0GHz with an 800MHz front side bus, and will feature 128KB of L1 and L2 on-die cache, and have support for SSE2 and SSE3 multimedia instructions. You can find out more information on the C7 processor on VIA's C7 homepage.

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