Toshiba to ship HD-DVD Qosmio in May

Written by Wil Harris

April 10, 2006 | 12:51

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Toshiba has announced that its Qosmio laptop featuring HD-DVD will be released in Japan in May.

We saw the Toshiba Qosmio laptop first at CES in January. It sports an Intel Core Duo processor and 7800 graphics from Nvidia to handle HD-DVDs H.264 decoding in hardware. A 17" screen running at a 1080p-friendly 1920x1200 resolution rounds out the package.

Toshiba has also gone to town on multimedia features. Integrated into the machine are both analogue and digital TV tuners as well as a HDMI output for connecting to a home cinema system. There are also Harmon Kardon speakers for better-than-average sound reproduction.

The machine is a nice bit of kit - if bulky - and will retail for around £1950 when it hits Japan. No word on a Western release, but we can't imagine it will be long before we see it over here, especially with the lucrative student buying market kicking off in June - this system would be great for dorm rooms everywhere!

HD-DVD in a laptop is a sure sign of things to come as the next-gen format trickles its way down in to the mainstream. Are you tempted by the Qosmio? Let us know over in the forums.
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