Synology launches DiskStation Manager 5.2

May 15, 2015 | 11:30

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Network storage specialist Synology has announced the launch of DiskStation Manager 5.2, the latest revision of its Linux-based operating system for network-attached storage devices.

Designed for use with its DiskStation, RackStation and Embedded DataStation products and available as a free upgrade for most recent models, the latest release brings with it the promise of significantly improved functionality to its various extras. Its backup chops have been reinforced, Synology claims, thanks to improved backup and replication features, a Smart Recycling system, single-file versioning, and the ability to take iSCSI LUN snapshots - which, when combined with Smart Recycling, allows the NAS to automatically delete redundant file versions to free up storage space. The Note Station and DS Note features have also been tweaked to make their use easier, while the DS Audio and Audio Station features get improvements to sound quality as well as playlist navigation.

'At Synology, we are constantly improving our software, so companies can access the full power of their NAS,' claimed Synology's Jason Bonoan of the launch. 'From Docker to enhanced backups, we designed DSM 5.2 to help customers get the most all around value out of their storage.'

Other new features in DSM 5.2 include improved security for the cloud-based functions of the system, including one-way synchronisation for Cloud Sync to prevent unwanted modification of files, data encryption options for cloud-targeted files, and Server Message Blocks (SMB) 3 encryption for improved security on a Windows local area network (LAN). For enterprise-grade devices, the ability to cache frequently-accessed data on a solid-state drive (SSD) to boost performance has had its memory footprint considerably reduced, Synology claims.

Full details are available on the official website.
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