Super Talent Previews 2.4GB/sec RAIDDrive II

January 10, 2011 | 12:27

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The first details of Super Talent's upcoming RAIDDrive II PCI-E SSD have appeared following demonstrations of early hardware at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week. If the performance figures quoted by the company prove to be true, then it could have a seriously hot device on its hands.

Like previous PCI-E SSDs we've seen, including the Angelbird Wings launched in October, the RAIDDrive II combines multiple SSDs on a single RAID controller. This provides a significant boost to both storage capacities and overall performance, but this model also ups the stakes by combining the performance of up to eight SandForce-based SSDs.

The Angelbird Wings model, by comparison, uses four SSDs and achieves read-speeds of 1.02GB/sec and write-speeds of 900MB/sec . It's fast, but nowhere near as fast as Super Talent's latest device.

According to figures obtained by Hardware Secrets, the new RAIDDrive II will reach read-speeds of up to 2.4GB/sec, and write-speeds, of up to 2.2GB/sec in its most powerful - and most expensive - configuration.

While the company has confirmed that the device will offer up to 2TB of MLC or SLC storage on an eight-lane PCI-E card, it has yet to release details of an expected launch date or, more importantly, pricing.

Is the RAIDDrive II the SSD you've been awaiting, or is the price likely to keep all but enterprise customers at bay? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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