Intel to demo SSD overclocking at IDF

August 27, 2013 | 09:06

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Intel has announced that it will be opening up a new era in extreme overclocking with the first public demonstration of how to overclock solid-state storage devices.

Part of the Intel Developer Forum San Francisco, session AISO001 Overclocking Unlocked Intel Core Processors for High Performance Gaming and Content Creation is designed to demonstrate how a few little tweaks can increase the performance of the company's Haswell-era desktop and mobile processors. Accordingly, it includes live demonstrations and expert tips from hardware partner Asus, and as one of its key features will have one of the first ever demonstrations of overclocking on the Ivy Bridge-based Core i7-4xxx Extreme Edition processor family.

It's an almost-buried bulletpoint on the schedule that draws the most interest, however: 'demonstrating overclocking SSD technology.' At the session, it seems, Intel will be showing users how to boost the performance of solid-state storage devices - increasing the data throughput, but at a potential cost to the lifespan of the hardware.

Although overclocking is far from new, storage devices haven't been an obvious target thus far. In the past, people may have overclocked storage controllers, but the drives themselves have largely been left alone - aside from the usual tweaks to enable optional features such as acoustic management and power saving.

Intel, it seems, is keen to break down that barrier and is promising to show anyone interested - from hardware partners and press right down to enthusiasts - just how to unlock hidden performance potential, presumably using the company's own-brand SSDs or possibly those of partner Asus. Sadly, those interested will have to attend the event: thus far, Intel has release no details of the session beyond a brief synopsis as part of the IDF schedule.

The session, which takes place on the 10th of September as part of the larger IDF13 San Francisco event, will also include the first public demonstration of Intel's AppTune Beta, a new feature of the company's Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU) first introduced with version 4.2 earlier this month.
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