Hard disk supply could take two years to recover

Written by Antony Leather

November 7, 2011 | 08:38

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It could take up to two years for hard disk component suppliers in Thailand to get back to pre-flood production rates, according to DigiTimes.

The site's sources claim that Japan-based HDD motor supplier Nidec had over 2,000 pieces of equipment damaged by the floods, most of which will be beyond repair. The site also claims that companies have turned to grey markets in attempts to find suppliers for parts.

Prices of hard disks have sky-rocketed in recent weeks due to lack of supply, with old stocks quickly running dry. Models with 2TB capacities have doubled in price to around £140, and the once bargain-tastic 1TB Samsung F3 now retails from anywhere between £80 and £100 - just a few weeks ago the same hard disk could be had for around £30.

One industry that could come out of the crisis better-off is that of SSDs. Largely unaffected by the Thai floods, the sit's sources suggest that SSD-equipped PCs and laptops, in particular ultrabooks, could see a boost in sales with the supply of hard disks proving to be non-existent. With most component suppliers potentially out of action for months, if not years, it's possible hard disk prices won't drop to pre-flood levels for some time.

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