Distributor announces 2.5" 15K hard drive

May 7, 2010 | 10:47

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A hardware distributor has announced a product that, thus far, no manufacturer is laying claim to: ultra-fast 900GB 2.5" hard drives.

According to The Register, a hardware roadmap unveiled by distributor Compellent at the C-Drive Conference talked about a new 2.5" small-form-factor hard drive due "in the relatively near future" that would bring high storage capacities and massive speed to ultra-dense server environments.

Designed for enterprise use, and likely to have an extremely deleterious effect on your battery life if you jam one in your laptop, the 2.5" drive spins its platters at 10,000 RPM - a speed normally associated with enterprise-grade 3.5" hard drives.

While that's impressive enough, Compellent also announced something for those who find seek times more important than capacity: a second 2.5" drive spinning at 15,000 RPM - making it the fastest mechanical small-form-factor hard drive available.

While the drives are certainly something for enterprise buyers to look forward too, there is one little hiccup on the horizon: thus far, no manufacturer has come forward to announce that Compellent's roadmap contains its products. While rumour has it that Seagate is a likely candidate, further specifications and additional details about the new drives will have to wait until whichever company is responsible makes itself known and boasts of its achievement.

Are you imagining what delights could result from a 15K RPM drive in a desktop replacement notebook, or will you reserve judgment until the manufacturer or Compellent releases full specifications - and, more importantly, pricing? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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