Braidwood's SSD cache is cited for 2011

October 27, 2009 | 15:09

Tags: #cache #ssd

Companies: #intel

Multiple sources have told bit-tech that Intel's latest attempt at SSD cache, codenamed Braidwood, will not be coming this year - or even next. It's now pipped for sometime in 2011.

This is apparently due to several reasons: firstly, NAND prices are going up due to limited supply and general underinvestment this year from NAND manufacturers and it was hinted that in its current state as part of the P57 platform, it doesn't really do much for performance.

Since all went quiet on the Eastern front after Computex, we suspected that Intel would not launch Braidwood this year, however such a significant delay is still surprising.

That's fine with us, because in its current form it's an Intel proprietary technology using only Intel NAND (limiting competitive pricing and controllers). We'd much rather see investment in a simpler solution to boost mass storage performance of SSDs. Right now, the Flash Cache seems limited to those with the flash cash, and we'd rather not bother.

We asked Intel about the delay, but it refused to comment on unannounced products.

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