Steve Jobs takes medical leave from Apple

Written by Joe Martin

January 15, 2009 | 10:05

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Apple has released a statement which reveals that company CEO Steve Jobs will be taking an extended leave of absence from the company for health reasons.

Jobs has frequently been the subject of health-related rumours ever since he underwent surgery to remove a pancreatic tumour in 2004. While Jobs' tumour was a less aggressive type than in many forms of pancreatic cancer, the Apple CEO has continued to be hounded by gossip.

Earlier this month rumours flared up again when Jobs said that he had lost massive amounts of weight due to a hormone imbalance, but refused to comment any further than that. The increasingly private Jobs admitted that he did not even want to reveal that much information in fact, which is understandable.

Jobs' statement that was released today however says that the health problems are "more complex than originally thought" and it that it is now important for him to take some extended sick leave. He will not be returning to the job until the end of June.

Until that time the Apple co-founder has left the company in the hands of Apple COO Tim Cook, who will handle the day-to-day runnings of the company until such time as Jobs can return.

The statement refuses to go into any more detail about Jobs' health problems, nor what should happen if more time off is required. Analysts currently estimate that Jobs' departure could lower Apple's total worth by at least 20 percent, so the company is obviously keen to keep a lid on rumours.

The only thing that it remains to say then is; Get well soon, Steve. Pass on your own thoughts and comments in the forums.
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