Steampunk laptop mod unveiled

Written by Joe Martin

November 5, 2007 | 09:56

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I've always been a big fan of steampunk, mainly because it doesn't feel so blatantly emo as cyberpunk and because it's a big part of the setting in the Thief games. It's no wonder then that this new steampunk laptop mod appeals to me so much.

Created by Datamancer, the mod in question is based around a Hewlett-Packard ZT1000 laptop that dual boots Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux. Extra features include claw feet and leather wrist pads, as well as a customised wireless network card which also functions as a quill holder.

The most impressive features though are the screen and the power switch. The back of the screen is filled cogs which are protected by a glass screen, giving the whole machine an impressive and utterly awe-inspiring look when it's closed. Datamancer himself describes the overall look as being similar to a "Victorian music box". Check out the detail pictures below.

Best of all though is how the machine is turned on - with a rusty old clock winding key. The key then drives a custom made racketing system which was made from pieces of old clocks. The system itself is thankfully quite modern inside though, so there's no need to keep winding it once the machine is booted up.

Violin-style sound holes disguise cloth-covered speaker grilles and access to the original power switches is provided should a hard reboot be needed - those Victorian laptops aren't well known for their reliability after all.

For all of you who are maybe wanting to create something similar, Datamancer has posted a how-to guide for crafting the brass faceplate. It seems like everything else is a trade secret.

If you've got a new mod underway you want to boast about or you just want to show your appreciation for the craftsmanship then you can let us know in the forums.

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