Unigine launches Heaven 4.0 benchmark

February 13, 2013 | 11:43

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Unigine has released a new version of its popular Heaven benchmark, bringing new benchmarking presets to aid comparisons between platforms along with a cheaper 'Advanced' version for those who have outgrown the free release.

As with its predecessor, Heaven 4.0 provides GPU-bound benchmarking and stability testing for free in an impressively-realised steampunk floating village - complete with airship. A popular choice of overclockers, thanks to the stress it can place on even the beefiest of SLI or CrossFire setups, previous Heaven benchmark releases have been available only in Free and Professional editions - with the latter costing a cool $495.

Heaven 4.0, by contrast, brings with it an Advanced Edition, designed for those whose budgets don't stretch quite so far. Costing just $14.95, the Heaven 4.0 Advanced adds command-line automation functionality, a stress-test mode which loops repeatedly through the benchmarking process, and customisable reports which output in comma separated value (CSV) format. Those who need Heaven for commercial use, rendering of specific frames, a DirectX 11 software rendering mode or commercial support, meanwhile, are still pointed towards the Professional version.

The new Heaven benchmark isn't just about providing a subset of Professional features at a more affordable price, though. Unigine has also added benchmarking presets to help compare results between users and platforms, the ability to monitor the temperature and clock of a system's GPU(s), improvements to the engine's lens flare and scene space directional occlusion (SSDO) implementations, and even added stars in the sky during the night-time portion of the benchmark.

Heaven 4.0 also includes proper detection of multiple GPUs, support for anti-aliasing on OS X for the first time, and improved automation scripts with the Professional release. Russian and Chinese localisation is also provided.

As with previous releases, Heaven 4.0 is available for Windows - where it uses DirectX 9 or 11 - alongside OS X and Linux - where OpenGL 4.0 is used - and can be downloaded now from the official website.
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