NZXT launches CAM monitoring software

May 21, 2014 | 10:16

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NZXT, best known for its cases and cooling products, is branching out into the software realm with the launch of CAM, a PC health monitoring package.

Released as a free download for all, even those without NZXT parts in their rigs, CAM is a Windows-only package which the company promises offers useful real-time monitoring of everything from system temperatures to disk space and system load. Each statistic is mirrored on NZXT's remote servers, and the company promises to extend the CAM package in the future with iOS and Android app extensions for remote monitoring via smartphone - including per-process statistics. Another added feature of the cloud-based system is historical data, which allows tracked metrics to be viewed over anything up to a year after monitoring.

As well as monitoring, the software promises real-time alerts for everything from dangerous temperature spikes in the CPU or GPU to a fan failure, sudden drop in hard drive space or even a faulty CMOS battery. These will, when the companion apps are released, include push notifications to mobile devices - although it's not yet clear whether you'll be able to do something about the problem, such as shutting the computer down safely, from the smartphone apps.

While the real-time monitoring capabilities are little more than is already available built-in to Windows, the cloud-based storage for historical analysis could prove a real winner - providing nobody raises any privacy concerns about the software sharing system specifications and details of running applications with NZXT. The software is available for free download at the official website, or if you still need some convincing you can watch the company's launch video below.

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