Mozilla launches Firefox Premium Support for Enterprises

September 13, 2019 | 12:24

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Mozilla, the company behind the open-source Firefox web browser, is launching a new programme designed to give it a reliable revenue stream to fund future development: Firefox Premium Support.

Landing mere days after introducing a Firefox-branded virtual private network extension through the reborn Test Pilot programme, which once it has passed beta will likely become a paid-for optional feature in the browser, Mozilla's Firefox Premium is designed to give the company a revenue stream from enterprise users - but doesn't represent a different version of the browser itself.

First spotted by GHacks, Firefox Premium Support provides the same standard or Extended Support Release (ESR) version of the open-source Firefox web browser as you can download as a home user - though with additional templates and installers for ease of deployment in corporate Windows or macOS networks. Already available for free download, these enterprise bundles won't change - but will come with an optional support package with prices starting at $10 per 'supported installation.'

For that, enterprise users receive a range of additional support features: The ability to submit bugs privately, rather than through the public bug tracker; a service level agreement (SLA) with the promise that critical security bugs will be fixed within a certain, as-yet unspecified, timescale; a 'concierge bug entry' option; and a special customer portal with SLA management tool. The funds, meanwhile, will go to support the development of the Firefox browser for all users.

Thus far, Mozilla hasn't publicly announced the Firefox Premium Support offering, though US users can contact sales for more information via the official website.

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