Microsoft Windows 365 beckons era of hybrid computing

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July 15, 2021 | 11:00

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Microsoft has taken the wraps off its new Windows 365. This is a new way to experience Windows on any connected device, anywhere. Moreover, it delivers a full personalised, Windows experience (initially Windows 10 based, but moving to Windows 11 later), plus all the apps provided by your workplace admin, as well as cloud storage and (here comes the hybrid) secure connectivity to workplace resources.

The push to hybrid working has been accelerated by Covid-19, and the stubborn resilience of that virus, meaning that working from home is now much more commonplace. Windows 365 is the nearest thing to being in the office, while not being in the office, according to Microsoft. It does this by "building on the power of the Windows operating system and the strength of the cloud," says the Redmond-based software, cloud and devices firm.

I'm sure most of you will have a pretty good idea about this product, simply from the name, but the execution, as showcased in a Microsoft Mechanics video, is very slick. This slickness permeates from its deployment by IT administrators via familiar tools like Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) as a fully managed service, to the system's use by the end user - with OS, apps, personalised desktops, apps, documents, calendars, contacts and so on - persistent as you move from connected device to device.

Windows 365 becomes generally available to businesses of all sizes from 2nd August 2021. There is no mention of it coming to consumers, Xbox, or other segments, at this time.

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