Microsoft plans Windows 7 Family Pack?

July 3, 2009 | 13:33

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Eagle-eyed Windows fans may have spotted a secret SKU for Windows 7 that didn't make it into Microsoft's official announcement: the Family Pack.

As reported over on CNet, Windows fans have tracked down an obscure paragraph in the licensing agreement of a recently leaked build of Windows 7 which suggests Microsoft will be selling a three-pack bundle for households with multiple computers.

In a post on his blog, technology enthusiast Kristan Kenney points out that the licence agreement makes reference to “Qualified Family Pack Users” being able to “install one copy of the software marked as 'Family Pack' on three computers in your household for use by people who reside there.

While the language makes it pretty clear that a multi-system bundle has at least been thought about – and in a build so close to release date, is almost certainly going to make it into the final version – Microsoft is remaining tight lipped, offering no confirmation nor denial that a Windows 7 Family Pack will be offered.

With no official statement from Microsoft, it's impossible to guess as to the pricing level at which Family Pack may be offered: it's certainly likely to be a substantial discount over the cost of three full retail packs, however. Neither can we know which of the various Windows 7 editions will be offered in this way: while Home Premium is a near-certainty, will Microsoft offer triple-packs of Professional to those households with greater demands on their computers?

Would you buy a Family Pack if it were offered at a substantial discount, or should Microsoft just sell the standard retail box for a sensible price in the first place? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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