Microsoft launches Edge extensions beta

March 18, 2016 | 13:29

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Microsoft's Edge browser has received official support for third-party extensions for the first time, but the company is making the feature available only on its Insider beta track for the time being.

A popular feature of third-party browsers, for adding everything from new text editing features to blocking advertisements, many users augment their browsing experience with add-on programs called extensions. Microsoft's latest Edge browser, however, has been an extension-free experience despite a leak back in December pointing towards a planned launch.

Although said launch has not strictly speaking happened yet, it's now possible to play with Edge extensions if you're a member of Microsoft's Windows Insider beta-testing track. Any Insider running Windows 10 Build 14291 or higher will find that their Edge browser now supports extensions, but in limited form only. Rather than the wealth of extensions available to rival browsers such as Firefox and Chrome, the current beta build of Edge supports only three: Mouse Gestures, Microsoft Translator, and the popular Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES).

Microsoft has confirmed that it is working with third parties to build a roster of extensions to appear on the leaked user-friendly site, including ad blockers and password managers, but it is clearly testing the waters gradually with this latest release. It has also shied away from launching a friendly user interface, with extensions needing to be manually downloaded and side-loaded into the browser rather than installed with a simple click on the leaked website.

Details on using the extensions are available on the official blog post.
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