IE8 gets automatic rollout nag

April 14, 2009 | 09:54

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If you've been ignoring Microsoft's latest web browser, be prepared for some nagging: the company is due to include an automatic update option via the Windows Update service imminently.

According to an article over on BetaNews – which cites a post by lead program manager Eric Hebenstreit over the weekend – Microsoft is opting for a soft rollout with the option being made available for an easy install via the Windows Update service for those that choose.

Hebenstreit was careful to point out that it will a choice, however: in his post, he states that “IE8 will not automatically install on machines” and that if users want to snag the latest incarnation of the default Windows web browser they will be required to opt-in to the upgrade.

That doesn't mean that users won't be prompted, however. Anyone with Automatic Updates switched on is due to receive an alert some time over the next week – which will be flagged as High Priority for anyone running Windows XP or Windows Server 2003, or Important if you've got Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 – to download the “Welcome to Internet Explorer 8” package. While this update doesn't contain any new browser code, it will – once installed – pop up a dialogue offering the chance to upgrade to IE8 in a single click. Users who aren't sure will be given the option of dismissing the dialogue temporarily, or giving it the boot for good – after which they will have to download the update manually if they change their minds.

Although Microsoft has distributed a tool to allow corporations to block the automatic installation of IE8, it's clear that even without the blocker it's unlikely that the new browser will find its way onto anyone's system unwanted.

Will you be upgrading to IE8 as soon as the automatic update becomes available, or do you wish Microsoft would stop nagging you when you've already chosen an alternative browser? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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