Google Wave killed off

Written by Joe Martin

August 5, 2010 | 11:06

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Google has officially killed off the Google Wave project, which was originally unveiled in June last year as a unified communication and collaboration platform.

Basically, that meant multiple users could work in real-time on a group of documents, making changes and updates in a style similar to Wiki editing, which Google called 'Waves'.

Despite huge internal excitement at the company though, Google has admitted that the project failed to really get off the ground and will not be developed any further.

"Google Wave set a high bar for what was possible in a web browser,” wrote Google's Senior VP of Operations, Urs Hölzle, in a blog post.

We were jazzed about Google Wave internally, even though we weren’t quite sure how users would respond to this radically different kind of communication,” he said.

But despite numerous loyal fans, Wave has not seen the user adoption we would have liked. We don’t plan to continue developing Wave as a stand-alone product.

Google will continue to support Wave until the end of the year and will enable current Wave users to migrate their projects to other platforms, to prevent content loss.

"We celebrate our failures," said Google's chief executive, Eric Chmidt in a tech conference according to The Telegraph. "This is a company where it is absolutely OK to try something that is very hard, have it not be successful, take the learning and apply it to something new."

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