Your folding team needs you

Written by James Gorbold

May 20, 2009 | 18:22

Tags: #cpchimps #folding #foldinghome

Companies: #bit-tech

The newly combined Custom PC & bit-tech folding team has been doing very well recently, holding on to its coveted fifth place among the world's top folding teams. However, team 35947 needs your help now more than ever.

Earlier this year we were invited to take part in the annual Chimp Challenge to see which team can produce 20 million points in the shortest time. Although and several other teams have already met this target, the fight is not yet over.

To avoid the embarrassment of coming last and to make sure team [H]ardape from HardOCP gets the dubious honour of the 'Monkey's Paw' we need to increase our folding production by around 500,000ppd, less than 1/4 of our team's usual total output.

To sign up your CPUs, GPUs and PS3s to the cause make sure to enter 'CPChimps' in the username field of your folding clients with the usual team number '35947'. Once the last of the competing teams has reached 20 million points you can reset your folding clients back to your usual folding usernames.

Don't forget to say hello in the all-new dedicated folding forum too!

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