AVG Free is best free anti-virus

Written by Clive Webster

February 11, 2010 | 14:31

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Our sister-site pcpro.co.uk has published its findings from its recent Anti-Virus Labs test and has found that AVG Anti-Virus Free 9.0 is effective against 93 per cent of threats. Pro summarises its review by saying, ‘[AVG Free 9.0 is] not quite an infallible malware detector, but it’s free and very lightweight.’ and give it a 5/6 overall rating. Not bad for a freebie.

However, Pro does point out that the paid-for Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 is more secure and offers more features than AVG Free 9.0, and that the lesser-known free version of Avira Premium Security Suite 9 detects 4 per cent more malware than AVG Free 9.0.

The extra peace of mind from Avira comes at price however, even if not a monetary one, ‘Avira’s free product is a terrible nag,’ says Pro, ‘bugging you every day to upgrade to the full version, while AVG comes with a minimal [system resource] footprint and a pleasingly low profile.’

So, a bit of a relief for all of us that cheap-out on the anti-virus then? And this writer includes himself in those now glowing smugly that he hasn’t spent £30 a year on a subscription to prevent things he’s (hopefully) sensible enough to avoid anyway.

If you haven’t heard of AVG Free, follow that link for free protection against interweb nasties. If you’ve been using it for years, go give yourselves a pat on the back in the forums.
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