AMD unveils Mantle, a new high-speed gaming API

Written by Edward Chester

September 25, 2013 | 23:31

Tags: #development #mantle #programming

Companies: #amd

AMD has unveiled Mantle, a new game programming API that's optimised for AMD hardware and that should provide significant performance boosts for PC games.

Building on the the leverage it now has over game developers thanks to its APUs being in all the major next-gen consoles, AMD's new API will be an alternative to the likes of DirectX and AMD claims it will provide significant performance boosts.

In particular, AMD's Corporate VP of Visual Computing, Raja Koduri, highlighted how Mantle will enable 9X the number of draw calls per second compared to rival APIs, thanks to its reduction in CPU overhead.

It will also allow for greater graphics performance thanks to direct access within the API to GPU features.

Mantle will be debuting with Battlefield 4, with the game using Mantle rather than DirectX 11 when used with compatible AMD hardware. It is also likely to feature in many other next-gen games too, with AMD revealing more at its developer conference in November.

We'll be back with more details shortly.
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