SLI Memory set for widespread adoption

Written by Tim Smalley

June 8, 2006 | 05:03

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A hand full of memory manufacturers have suggested that they are keen to get on NVIDIA's SLI Memory programme at this years' Computex trade show.

We have learned that - since the announcement made by Corsair and NVIDIA on May 15th - at least five memory manufacturers have been in talks with NVIDIA about joining the company's scheme. These include big players in the memory market like Crucial, GEIL, G-Skill and Mushkin.

SuperTalent has also expressed interest in joining NVIDIA's programme. EPP profiles are basically a second performance orientated SPD and take up minimal space on the modules' onboard SPD ROM.

Corsair, OCZ - the two leaders in high-performance memory modules - and Kingson Technology - the world's largest memory manufacturer - have already embraced the technology and it seems that other memory manufacturers don't want to fall out of favour with consumers buying nForce 500-series motherboards.

NVIDIA's nForce 500-series platform is currently the only solution available for prospective buyers of AMD's AM2-based Athlon 64 processors, as ATI's partners are not quite ready to ship AM2-based RD580 motherboard solutions with ATI's SB600 south bridge.

ATI is rumoured to be coming up with its own proposal that it will submit to JEDEC - the major body behind controlling memory standards - in order to get widespread support on its own chipsets. However, it will not matter whether this proposal is accepted by JEDEC or not if all memory manufacturers want to be a part of NVIDIA's own memory programme.

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