Silverstone develops sideshow device

June 4, 2008 | 09:10

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Sideshow devices have never really taken off – they’ve always seemed to have an inherent inability to offer enough functionality to be actually useful. Silverstones MFP52 should readdress the balance though – it’s a mobile unit with a 1GB capacity and an Nvidia PM2 ARM processor (not the new one unfortunately, that’ll be next year we were told), that also features Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

The MFP52 will sync your Vista sideshow applications and gadgets with the device so you can take it on the move, or use it to control the Windows Media Player 10. The feature we see being particularly appealing though is the Powerpoint viewer where you can scroll onto the next slide to see it before it shows up on your main PC screen/projector, and you can even skip slides without affecting the presentation too.

The MFP52 comes with a 3.5” screen, four way touch pad and enter, back and home buttons, as well as an integrated speaker and microphone for Skype. It even has a headphone-microphone 3.5mm jack so you can use a mobile phone hands-free too.

Lookswise the MFP52 is very, very smart and while it may not be exceptionally ergonomic it’s still lovely to hold and feels like a very well built device – it’s made of a two piece tough polycarbonate and steel chassis. For $250 though, it’ll have niche appeal - which Silverstone admits.

You don't have to have Vista though - you can still use it if you just have Windows Media Player 10 with XP - it simply works by drag and drop and can automatically sync too.

Is sideshow a good idea or too tied down to Microsoft? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.

Silverstone develops sideshow device Silverstone develops sideshow devise

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